Flow Meter
For Filling

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Flow Meter For filling

Redefine the accuracy of your liquid filling machine, with our cutting-edge Oval Gear Flow Meter for filling. From thin liquids like solvents to viscous ones like oils & lubricants, we have got you covered! Oval Gear Flow Meter for filling ensures accurate measurement, control, and monitoring of the liquid flow rates.

Flow meter for Filling

How To Use Flow meter for filling

  • As the liquid passes through the flow meter, it measures the volume.
  • Control & Adjustment: The flow meter's measurement is integrated into the control system of the filling machine
  • Batch Control:measures the total volume of liquid dispensed, as desired batch volume is reached, the valve stops the flow.
  • Flow meter for filling can provide real-time monitoring of the flow rate during the filling process.
  • Operation

    Flow meter for Filling

    Where To Use Flow meter for filling

    • Syrup
    • Industrial Oil
    • lubricants
    • Less slippage
    • Engine Oil
    • Gear Oil
    • Other Pharma Liquids


    Unleash Efficiency of your Liquid Filling Machine with our Oval Gear Flow Meters!

    Flow meter for Filling

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